Cleaning Brushes

I will admit that I love watching michelle phan's videos on youtube and now that she's not doing that creepy/annoying voice over in every single video, it's making her more pleasing in my book.
Although her makeup tutorials do nothing for me (a little too costume-y) I still enjoy learning new things. And the most interesting and useful thing I've learned from her is how to clean your make-up brushes.

So I decided that I would give it a try. Here is my foundation brush, the dirtiest brush in the whole set.

Ewww look at how gross it is!

The olive oil and soap mix.

I just had to show what all that junk looked like.

Ta-da! The foundation brush looked brand new like the day I bought it. I love this cleaning method because sometimes I do make-up for photo shoots on other people and it takes me forever to clean my brushes. So this tutorial gets two thumbs up.


Jenny said...

Gaaah cleaning brushes is always so grossly revealing! Hahahaaa! I like the mixture she suggested. I might switch it up & use it next time!

Nathalie said...

this really works perfectly. I have to keep that in minc. Cool post :)

Eboneé said...

@Jenny: It works really well, because when i did it with baby shampoo it didn't look anything like that haha.

@Nathalie: It really does work well and a little of the mixture goes a long way!

Stefa said...

Im gonna try this :)