Wishing on a thread

Spring is getting closer and I can't wait for the heat! I normally love the winter time and all the activities it offers like snowboarding, ice skating, snowball fights, etc. but I feel like I'm going to freeze to death so I'm ready for the heat ...But not too hot (80 degrees is fine). This spring/summer the look(s) I'm going for is the bohemian look and floral prints.
I keep a wish list on my computer, so what I do basically is if I see an outfit that I really like or any jewelry that I would love to have, I save a picture of it and put it in my wish list. It really helps because sometimes I see things that I had put in my wish list a year ago at another store at a cheaper price or I'll see something similar to what was in my wish list.
Currently in my wish list are colorful Indian style tunics or "Kurtis" as they are called, floral print skirts, floral print everything , fringe everything, and lace. And since it's going to be warmer I don't want to be weighed down with a lot of jewelry, so a simple bangle or two, a cute ring, or a necklace is the perfect accessory for warmer days. So I'm going to share what is in my wish list.

(Click on the photos for a larger image)

1) Floral Maxi Dress with a Button Down Shirt (10 star outfit! Via Pinky Magazine)
2) House of Harlow Key Necklace at Kitsons
3) Urban Outfitters Floral skirt with pockets
4) Floral Sheer top from For Love 21 (a branch of forever 21)
5) Calypso Crinkled Teal Top
6) H&M Long Floral Scarf
7) H&M Vintage Style Floral Bikini
8) H&M jeweled Bikini
9) House of Harlow Lucky Horse Shoe Ring at Kitsons
10) Hollister Fringe Vest
11) H&M Criss Cross Sandals
12) Indian style Tunic "Kurtis"
13) Urban Outfitters Jewel Bracelet
14) Forever 21 Lace Top


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