dont dream it be it

So far my week as been busy. Work, sleep, work, sleep, day off so I sleep, work, etc.
All this work and no play has drove me insane. I miss going to dance class and letting out that stress but I have no time to go. So I have to relieve myself by daydreaming and wishing. So I went with my friend to watch the persied meteor shower on thursday. So amazing and beautiful. We went to the highest elevated place in LA I have ever been to and laid down staring up at the stars . Our magical moment of star gazing and shooting star wishing was short lived when this hippie girl told us not to freak out but there was a spider right behind us. She threw her flashlight on it and I think I had a mild stroke. A big brown spider that looked like it was about 3 inches big (ok maybe 2") was right next to our heads!!! Instead of killing it the hippie girl wanted to set it free dude. Fuck that step on it, smash it! I couldn't help but thinking the entire time the spider was going to come back for revenge. Then the temperature dropped so drastically that we were ready to go home. It was still great and we got to see a meteor with a fire tail that left a trail through the sky for a good 20 seconds. It was beyond beautiful, minus the spider. I wished that I had brought my camera.
Then on saturday I was asked if I would be interested in presenting a short film for HM Sound System to play while they dj.

Ok so my name is spelled wrong on the flyer haha but I was beyond excited to see my name (close to it) printed on anything.
As soon as I walked into the bar I could see my video being played on the screen. I got really excited but instead of jumping up and down like a dork I looked around the bar and looked at people's reaction to the video.

A group was in the corner looking at it and pointing, some girl was trying to copy all the dance moves, people were smiling, and people laughed during the soul train line. A pretty good reaction I think. The entire night all the videos were set on replay so every time my video came on I looked around the room to see what people did. A couple of guys try to do the kid n' play dance...failed haha. Some guys were doing the rodger rabbit dance and everyone loved the pimp in the soul train line hahaahaha. I'm happy with the reactions and so glad I did it, I mean it's what I study after all.

Here's the video for those who want to see it. Originally it was a silent film, but I added sound for the sake of those who can't stand silence (like me). It's basically a collection of dances from the 60s-early 90's.

Dances through the years from E. Walker on Vimeo.


Peace out USA, Hello World!

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