Winter Loves

My winter must haves....well some of these items I already own but here we go!

I love accessories more than anything. A outfit can be plain and dull but the right accessories can make a outfit really pop. Also it doesn't hurt to have a simple accessory that can help you out when you're running late, like a hat. Knitted beanies are perfect for that "lazy day" or "running late" look.
Floppy hats keep the boho-chic look going strong all year.
Sunglasses are a must all year long, must protect those eyes even if you can't see the sun through the winter clouds.
Now for one of my favs, faux fur! So for this post I didn't include a picture of one of my most desired items, a fur vest, that's because it's one of those items that doesn't really go with everything however a fur scarf is simple. Throw on a coat or cardigan, add the scarf and you're done.
Leather gloves or pleather gloves is a necessity for winter. I hate those cheap $2 cotton gloves that you can get at target. Invest in a good pair of gloves that you can use year after year. Also they look fly with any outfit.
Giant bags with plenty of pockets. I like big bags anyways but for winter it helps to have something big enough to throw your umbrella in, or spare socks just in case your shoe becomes wet from rain or snow.

Now for simple clothing styles. Cosby sweaters! Not the really ugly ones but the ugly cute ones that have buttons down the middle turning them into Cosby cardigans.
Army green jackets with fur trim hoodies.
Basic knit sweaters.

ANIMAL PRINTS! One thing about winter that I really like is that you can wear sequins like crazy and people will say you look festive and not like a disco ball and you can go semi-crazy with animal prints. These leopard tights are from F21 and look great with my black wardrobe. And I do love to wear black.

Over the knee boots, knee high boots, combat boots! Boots boots boots!!!! You get the idea.

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