Eye of Newt

"Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog"

I seem to have caught a slight cold recently and have also piled on a bunch of work to do (at home & at work).
Halloween is over sadly but I still love that haunting autumn feel, even though it's like 90 degrees outside right now. What I love most about Halloween is the day after Halloween when everything in the stores are 50%. A great place to get props for future photo shoots, especially if you want to do a macabre shoot.
So I picked up spider webs, black lipstick, long black nails, a vampire teeth ice tray...simply for my own pleasure of a cool drink haha, and more spider webs! in black & white!!!
Maybe with the leftover webs I can decorate my room for Christmas just like the nightmare before Christmas!
I really wish that I could find the small Christmas light but in purple, a dark purple, then it'll really be the nightmare before Christmas in my room haha. Oh I need to stop myself before I get overly excited.

Enough rambling, something I wanted to show was after I bought my Halloween stock I came home and watched 2ne1's new MV it hurts.


Webs everywhere, skeletons, teal hair, long poofy fros, amazing makeup! Seriously, my inspiration for the rest of the the month. I can't stop watching it, I can even put it on mute and just watch it over & over again.

And here's a scene from "Modern Girls" a movie from the 80's (obviously), I remember I would watch this movie all the time and wanted to be like CeCe but dress like Margo. It's a typical cheesy 80's film but I still love it.

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