It's the pictures that got small

It's so cold, I think my brain is frozen. I refuse to leave my bed because it's the only source of heat in my house besides my humidifier.
There are things I need to do but I feel so unmotivated, I don't even want to put on my makeup because my frosty fingers send me into shock!
And I'm still trying to redecorate my blog but my brain is too frozen so I can't think of any styles.....

Before my brain froze I was able to put together this video from a shoot I went to. I had fun but I was feeling really sick because earlier that day my dad and I were at the LA auto show and had only eaten breakfast. Normally we both would have been alright with that but we think the breakfast we had was too heavy or too oily for our empty stomachs. But I stuck it out, drunk a lot of water and tried not to smell anything funky on the street because I would have chucked it.
I hope nobody thought I was mean haha. When I have food in me I'm full of life!

Big Star from Photougraphs TV on Vimeo.

But anyways here are the links to some of the clothes and jewelry that you see in the video.


Cavoi is a jewelry/vintage renewal line from my friend Amy. It's sold at two places.

Pronounced Love at the Americana, Glendale

and at


600 Spring st. Downtown LA.

And the other necklaces are from Sixhundred also.

LSD Fashion.

I think that's it for now, my brain is going back to the ice age...


grandcoeur said...

I love the Sunset Blvd. line in the beginning! Very nice~

EboneƩ said...

Thank you