Dedication & Drive

“I know that I will work hard and I will give it my all. I just hope to be a part of a good team. We will win some and of course we will lose some, but I hope we will have the dedication and drive.”

-Andee Whitaker

Went to a event where the designer showcased his shoe designs. And the interior of the store was crazy amazing. It was really packed too and it was raining like crazy. A few days later I went to barnes & noble and saw the Kenzo book. I really wanted it but it wasn't worth $88. And finally a day of sunshine and warmth! So what do you do on a sunny day??? Go to lemonade! mmmm.
And now I'm interning at a art gallery. Hopefully all goes well and I learn a lot from this experience, so far so good. Also I pray that my clumsy self doesn't destroy anything....

This video by Paul Minor....I have no words for it, it's amazing.

It really inspires me for the upcoming shoot that I'm suppose to do for sixhundred. We've already decided that we're going to base the video off of a Hans Christian Andersen tale!

And I'm in love with Renata Raksha.

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