Give your heart to others

To say that everything that is going on in the world today is unreal would be a understatement. It is real. Earthquakes in Haiti, Japan, and New Zealand. Floods in Australia, civil unrest in Libya. It seems like it will never end but when every one of these countries went through a rough patch, even when the US had it's most horrific hurricane ever, we were all there for each other and gave as much relief as we could.
My point is Japan has donated and cared for other countries in need and now it's our turn to give them the help they have given us.
I have been hearing jokes about Japan all week like "it was Godzilla"etc. and I've also heard people say "Well what about Haiti? Japan can rebuild itself"....somewhat true but I don't think people understand the triple threat they are going through and that rebuilding themselves isn't going to happen overnight.
This even goes to parts of Japan that weren't hit or affected by the earthquake or tsunami should give out a helping hand too.

I remember when I was little a controlled fire near my house went out of control and they told my family that we might have to evacuate. There is nothing scarier than having to pick up everything and leave. Not knowing where you're going to stay or what you're going to come back home to, if there is a home to come to.

  • Start a local donation drive. Gather your friends and family together and hook up with a organization like red cross.
  • Donate to the RED CROSS or the SALVATION ARMY.
  • Educate people around you, simply let people know what the situation is over there. Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear meltdown.
  • Give as much as you can, even if you can only afford to give $5, remember something is better than nothing.
Always keep this in mind, if you were in a natural disaster as brutal as this was, you would want help too.
Thank you.

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