Ring Selection Ver 1.0

I always loved jewelry since I was a kid but I loved costume jewelry the most. Anything neon and made of plastic I had to have it. I would always take my moms old jewelry from the 80's and rock it at school, although I would look like a muppet on the catwalk, I was still fierce! But now I have traded in plastic jewelry for silver and some gold. If it sparkles I want it.

And yes I can still fit into my old ring. My size hasn't changed that much since I was little, I can still fit into a sweater from when I was 8!


grandcoeur said...

I'm more of a necklace person, but I love rings. The only thing is that I get scared that I'm going to lose them. :(

EboneƩ said...

I'm slowly getting into necklaces. Losing the rings are always the worse because you still feel it on your finger but when you look down it's gone.

Dee O. said...

these photos are so stunning! and i love your rings :)