Tokyo to LA

In just two weeks I will be dancing to the sounds of Van Cliffe D, Miss Elli-Rose herself, will be DJing at this event called "Tokyo Collaboration". Can't wait. I really wish that I had more friends over 21 and more friends that like to dance and party until 4am, well 2am for cali clubs boo!


grandcoeur said...

I love Elli Rose! ViVi is one of my favorite Japanese fashion magazines. :)
Wish I was 21! :|

You look so bomb in your most recent post!

EboneƩ said...

I love ViVi mag. I really like the fact that she Djs too, I excited to see that. And part of the tickets go for a good cause so that's always a good thing.

And thank you, I was channeling my inner Naomi.