a non-deadly twist

I'm Alive!!!

Recently my grandmother had a stroke. I don't think I will be able to visit her in Florida until we get all the details. All that matters is that she's still alive and she's eating well. Also I got into a car accident. Thankfully the girl didn't hit my car door which would had been fatal. She was strange, like slurring words strange and kept saying that she had to get to work and she kept "fake" crying. Please people keep in mind that if the light is RED then don't keep driving through it!

It's been a rough, very rough, week for me but all that matters is that I have my health, my family has their health and everything is ok.

Now onto the good news.

Recently Ann-Marie produced a big shoot. Video and photos for Vintage Eye which is ran by her friend Kyle Pak.

That shoot took a whole lot of energy from me because I was running around getting everything together, so I guess you can say I was the co-producer. Hence why I do not want to be a producer for anything, too stressful.

The story is called "Shady Business" and it's a Bonnie & Clyde theme with a non-deadly twist.

The video is a long ways from being done but the photos will be ready soon.

I'm also planning a shoot of my own. All Black Attire, Bones, Skulls and the Ocean.

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