Red Scare

(Beret, shirt, cuffs H&M; skirt F21, shoes UO; Vintage YSL earrings)

What I sort of wore for my birthday. I had to switch out the skirt after finding a giant hole on the side. Then I remembered that one night that I wore it to a bar and tried to dance myself crazy. Oh well!
Cajun eating and vintage shopping was on the agenda.
I will admit that these shoes are not the most comfortable but I love the color.

I found a black & white cartwheel hat at this store. I didn't feel like spending $60 on it because I figured I would find something at the other stores. Come to find out that I didn't buy anything else and now I kind of regret not buying it.
I wonder if I can make one?.....


Velvet Lipstick said...

gorgeous shoes!!

and happy birthday! :)

EboneƩ said...

Thank you and Thank you!