Easy Listening

(Eskuche 33i headphones, H&M Top, Asos Belt, Stones leather skirt)

Recently had a workshop with Andrew Schulenburg of Eskuche headphones. Learning about products we sell is always a highlight.  I'm not too well put together at 8 in the morning so the original outfit was just the top, destroyed denim shorts, and the most over sized hipster glasses I could find to hide those morning bags. Only when I got back home did I switch up the outfit before I went back out into the streets of LA.
But enough about my simple frock, the real highlight are these amazing headphones I got from Andrew! These headphones reminded me of a pair my dad use to have back when he would listen to his record player and throw back a couple of beers.  The design is classic but the sound is amazing! Both features which I love. Oh and also they're gold which makes it a perfect functional statement accessory.

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