FNO: Cheap Monday Edition

Hello everyone,
How was your FNO? Did you go to any events? Fashions Night Out is not that big here in LA as it is in NY but there were a handful of events going on in the city of angels. The only problem is that they're spaced out and driving through VMA traffic is no bueno. So I stayed close to home and went to the Cheap Monday event at Space 1520. I wish I could have made it to the Phillip Lim event but when you're having fun, time just flies by.
Cheap Monday is a Swedish brand and very on point with creating simple yet super stylish pieces.
The event was packed from wall to wall so you know they're doing something right.
The highlight of the night was a live performance from Yacht and a giant cheap monday skull filled with goodies. Before the madness of the pinata unfolded, I took off with Michelle and Kevin to end our FNO with some good food.

The Cheap Monday guys.

Ombre jeans and white boots are a must have.

Oh hey Unif and Jeffrey Campbell.

Custom made jewelry by Jesus of Ebenezer the Brute.

A decked out décolletage.

Kieran LiuWang


Sharon said...

Really enjoyed all these photos :)


Eboneé Shanay said...

Glad you enjoyed them. Thank you :-)