Get ready for it...

Do you like DIY and Arts & Crafts? I love it and I've been doing DIY since I was a kid. I've always wanted to launch a youtube channel and do tutorials and videos. So I put that goal on hold and focused on other productive and not so productive things. If you follow me on instagram then you will see some of the DIY's I have done from an all black floral crown, torn denim, and even replacing the sleeves on a shirt with leather. A lot of people come up to me and ask me where I bought these things and are pretty surprised to find out that I made them.
So with that said I'm going to share my crafts with you! In the next couple of weeks I will launch my first DIY & Crafts episode on visualcraftTV!
Things you can count on seeing are floral crowns (as requested by a friend), leather sleeves, transparent clutches not in rectangular form!, and much much more!

I want to make the crafts as easy but innovative as possible. I'm really excited to start crafting with you all.

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