Troll Territory

Troll Territory

Photographer: Ebonee Shanay
Model: Arlene Sara @myelite
Stylist: Ann-Marie Hoang
Make-up: Amanda Mendoza
Hair: Karl Chan
Photographer Assistant: Michelle Paulsen

I have been DYING to post these photos from my shoot last year. I really wanted a magazine submission but sometimes good things have to wait and wait I did. I sneaked a photo here and there on instagram and facebook but now it's time to unleash it!
I'm so thankful for all my friends that helped on the shoot that day and dealt with the 100+ degree weather and the hour delay caused by trying to find the apartment we were suppose to set up shop in. 
Oh yeah, if only people knew that behind the scenes was a hot, sweaty, and lost in translation mess but in the end it payed off.


Maxens M. Finch said...

I love your expressions! It really makes the character you're modelling, otherwise even with that styling and scenery it wouldn't work!
Somehow this shoot reminds me of Elvira, but less kitsch and more sophisticated.

EboneƩ Shanay said...

Thank you so much! :-)