1 Year Later....

I’m back and I come bearing gifts of vacations past.

In all honesty, It’s been a good (almost) year since I’ve last updated this blog.  With that said, slap me on the wrist cause I’ve been a bad blogger!  But who can blame me when you suddenly find yourself doing more freelance, working the day job more and getting into a new relationship!  Queue in the “Ooooooh La La~”

Sometimes you just need to take time for yourself and as they say “Do you boo.”

Back in December, we went on a road trip to Vegas to see the one and only, run the world, Heeeeeeeeyyyyy Mrs. Carter, bootylicious Beyoncé!  It is a well known fact amongst my friends and relatives that I am a Beyoncé fan.  Yes I’m part of the beehive and if you’ve seen me driving through LA, I have been blasting “Drunk in Love” on repeat since the Beyoncé album dropped.

Carlos surprised me with tickets and a room at the Trump.  And for him I surprised him with fan girl screams and singing every song at the concert.
My lovely friend Fariha of Nail Job did my Beyoncé inspired nails for the concert.  Check them out here

I’m still saying Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy Mrs. Carter

Early morning coffee grab before we hit the road. The bed head says it all.

And insert the screams here!

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