Mid March Update

I have a new girl crush. Jessica Michibata!

Check out her blog here.

In other news, I was really sick for about a week. Still a bit sick but since it was really hot today I was able to breathe a little better. Praying that I get the job at Urban Outfitters, how strange that I always make fun of the hipsters that shop there but a hipster paycheck is better than no paycheck at all haha. There was an earthquake this morning that made my neighbors dog bark like crazy and left me wondering if I should run for it or if I should go back to sleep...I picked sleep. I'm trying to find a memory card for my camcorder so I can finally put up my youtube account. I want to talk about skin care, give advice to aspiring models and photographers, and show some DIY projects. However so far I can't find the memory stick that I need, my camera is only from 2005 why is it so hard to find a memory stick? Hopefully I'll have everything worked out by the end of the month.

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