Walking the walk...sort of

I woke up today feeling a bit sick but still in a good mood after last night. Maybe because I decided that I was going to walk from my car to the event instead of paying for the parking garage...Yeah not smart.
Yesterday I got up extra early to get Miss J's new book because I feared that they were going to be sold out. On my way to the grove to pick up the book I almost got into a car accident with a big white van who wasn't paying attention and ran through the red light! I'm so lucky because before he hit me side on he stopped inches away from my door and threw his truck in reverse. I think he was on his cell phone grrrrrr. Seriously I don't want to die before meeting one of my idols...or die in general. To throw salt on the wound I get to the bookstore and they (3 freaking employees) tell me the can't find the book! Thankfully they had some in the back. Fast forward to the event. I had already read half the book since I got it that morning and was soooooo excited to see Miss J. Inside I was dancing around like a hyper little girl but on the outside I was smiling like the cheshire cat haha. I remember I turned around to see something and I saw Miss J standing there, then he walked in and he didn't talk about his book or read lines from it, instead he talked about his life, his mother, the fashion world, and how getting too much work done to your body can make you look busted (true). We had a Q&A moment and then, the part I was excited about but also so nervous I would be the dummy to fall on her face, we had to walk down the runway to get our book signed. Last week when I was at UCLA with my friend Judy, we were practicing our runway walk and how we would walk for Miss J, we even practiced how to pose at the end and exit the runway. Well you know when you study for a test too much and when you go to take the test you draw a blank. Well I was thinking so much that halfway through my walk I laughed so hard causing Miss J to laugh. I can't keep a straight face for anything.
It was a great experience & I was staring at him in awe. Not because he's a celebrity or he teaches famous people, but because he's a strong character and exudes strength & hope. He worked hard to be where he is today and I can relate, we all can relate unless you're freaking rich & spoiled. But for those of us who grew up with nothing and had to struggle to even get a good office job or retail job or any type of job or opportunity can relate. Hard work and knowing who you are can get you far. So I'm very thankful that in this one time life that I was able to meet him.
Also thank you Judy for telling me about this event because I would've missed it. Wuv U!


Jenny said...

Well thank god you didn't get smashed up in a car accident! You look freakin' adorable in your photos with him!! To be honest, he's like 85% of the reason I've ever watched America's Next Top Model. I agree with you about him being a strong inspiration to follow. The point about working so hard just to get a good office job really struck a chord with me. :)

EboneƩ said...

I'm so thankful too & thank you, I couldn't stop smiling. He & seeing the photos at the end are the main reasons why I watch it too.