Banksy in town! *update

You know that saying "Lets paint the town red"? Well Banksy has been, literally, painting the city of LA. What makes it so much cooler is that his (from what I understand) only remaining paintings in LA that hasn't been torn down or painted over is in Westwood and one in Beverly Hills. Right on the side of the building where I work!!!! However his work of art has been causing some problems and the city of Westwood wants it gone! What the hell?! It's not causing any problems but supposedly it's been causing so many "traffic" problems....there are like a handful of people out there at a time. Whatever, people who don't appreciate art or political messages are just a lost cause in my opinion.
Honestly I love having it on the building at work. It's so inspirational to think that someone who no one knows who they are or what they look like is so well known throughout the world and so controversial and they do this for a living. They're living their dream.
Now pic spam!

Sadly maintenance came and painted the door, there was a butterfly on there, and they had to clean off the no parking sign.

I really wish that I could have seen the mickey mouse one on the billboard but society is being a dick

Maybe in the morning I'll go look for the new one that popped up in Beverly hills and go looking for the charlie brown one again.

Got up bright and early this morning to head over to a empty parking lot before cars start to cover it and found this.

Click on it to see the original size.

I feel like I'm treasure hunting. Sadly the charlie brown one, which is the one I really wanted to see, is covered up by wood and looks like it's already been cut out of the wall.

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