Future plans

So Michelle Phan has a very useful video up...

With that said I'm still working on my business card, I really want something simple yet edgy.
What do you think so far?

Working on my website for the millionth time but this time it's for real.
Did a new video for Han Cholo at artwalk.

Honestly I have fun making videos, and it's great practice too, but lately I haven't been happy with the videos & photo shoots I have been doing. I feel like I'm straying away from what I originally wanted to be/do and now I'm working on things that make other people happy, it's their visions not mine. With that said I'm going to stop working on other people projects and dust off my idea book. It's time I start making myself creatively happy.

Going to make my dreams come true one step at a time.

Here is my daruma for the year hehehe. I can't find one in real life that doesn't already have the eyes painted in, so annoying. So instead I made one for here and hopefully I'll have the other eye filled in by the end of the year!!!! For those who don't know what a daruma is, it is a doll that you get during the new year and it comes with blank eyes. You fill in one eye to make your goal for the year and if you fulfill your goal before the year ends then you fill in the other eye because "you saw your goal through" or something related to full sight and wishes.


Lei said...

I enjoy your videos! You're headed in the right direction, practice your craft and I'm sure you'll be where you want to be soon.
That's a cute daruma too btw. :D

EboneƩ said...

Thank you I'm going to keep going through with it and try harder everyday.<3