1. Straw fedora via H&M

2. UO Horizon line sunglasses

3. Topshop Paradise retro cup bikini

4. Floppy hat via H&M

5. Pop Killer original cat sunglasses

6. Vintage style bikini via Topshop

Getting ready for even warmer weather, crowded beaches, beach photo shoots?possibly, and a hundred trips to Lemonade! Which is my favorite go to spot during the warm season, nothing beats the heat like cold soba lobster noodles and a tall serving of ginger peach lemonade! Now I’m just making myself hungry!!

I enjoy vintage style bathing suits. High waisted bikinis and the right amount of stripes to create the right amount of curvy illusions. I also like the tropical Havana style bikinis. Bright colors and patterns are all I need to make my summer, then it’s back to wearing all black during the fall and winter seasons.

I really wish they would build a topshop in cali already so I can possibly, hopefully, find things in my size instead of it being sold out online. Well I guess a well deserved trip to NY is in order this year.

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