Concept LA pt.1

During fashion week in LA I always look forward to attending Ace Gallery. The local designers are always worth seeing and so are the people who go to see them.

Ace Gallery gets sweltering indoors so when I took a step outside to get air, I met this lovely lady Hallie of halliedaily. She's so sweet and I love the colors of her outfit.

Rachael is wearing an all black look with a sequin bandeau, lace top, gold accessories, and leopard heels. Check out her fashion search engine Fidoo. It's so easy to search for anything fashion!

I adore colorful hair. Stylist Kelly Love(left) is showing off her rainbow waves.

Fancy foot work!

One of the installation I was really excited to see was Curly V. I love that mix of comedy and pop art which Curly V does really well. The hounds"tooth" pattern really made me laugh. That quirky sense of style is something I'm going to keep an eye out for.

I knew this room was going to hold something special. There was leather skin rugs and three white boxes. When I came back there was two of my favorite things standing there, sheer shirts and the color black. And the shapes! This collection made me drool and I can't wait to see more.

ZuBauen mixes simple dresses with complex hardware.

I love the prints in Paul Redmond's collection.

Thai Nuygen's modern take on an ao dai.

To be continued....

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