Strange Magic in the Air

Do you remember your high school prom? Do you ever get a case of nostalgia when you hear a song? Lights down low, music playing, and a majority of the room sitting down looking awkward. I remember my prom and honestly I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t have a date, my dress was plain, my hair was a mess, and the night ended with a girl crying because she was caught cheating! What?!
That was 8 years ago and now I look back at those prom photos and say “c'est la vie”.
But in these prime years of my life I have learned to enjoy just about everything. Space 1520 held a week long event with Tavi of Style Rookie and Petra of The Ardorous. They set up this amazing installation called “Strange Magic” and it was beyond magical. To finish the road trip they held a prom at the space with music from Bleached. Everyone that attended looked amazing and young girls are so care free in these days. My prom dates Joei and Fezz made the night even more enjoyable. It made me wish that I was a teen again and not pushing through my twenties. I can’t be 17 again but I can enjoy a magical filled prom night with Tavi and Petra. Both whom are the most amazing and sweetest girls I have met.

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