Chase the Sun

(UO Concho Hat, F21 Sheer Maxi, DIY Cardigan)

Running around to event after event really takes a toll on the body and wardrobe.  There are days when I just want to relax and take things slow.  Recently I have been yearning for a road trip to anywhere.  Even if it only means going an hour outside of LA, as long as it involves a freeway and a long stretch of empty road I will take it.  The type of trip where you chase the sun and look in admiration at the structure of the mountains.  Until that random road trip, I have been exploring what the city of angels has to offer.  So far I have found that it has plenty to offer and I haven't been disappointed yet.
The weather in Southern California has honestly been a blessing this winter.  It's not too cold and not too hot.  Enough for me to walk around in a sheer maxi and throw on a cardigan of appropriate thickness.


Izael Garrido said...

you look very awesome

EboneƩ Shanay said...

Thank you Izael!

Shei S said...

Nice outfit. I love the boho effect that the hat adds.