20 Years of Sailor Moon

Let it be known to the world that yes I am a Sailor Moon fan. And yes I do have a collection of some Sailor Moon stuff from my childhood. It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago I watched my first Sailor Moon episode and became completely obsessed with it. I remember there were days when I would pretend to be sick so I could stay home and watch a new episode. I think my parents knew I was faking it too but no harm was done.
When I found out that Q-Pop in Little Tokyo was having a 20 year SM anniversary show I had to go. One, to get a print and two to take some photos. The thing that interested me the most were the people that showed up, dressed and prepared to show their love for Sailor Moon.
One of my favorite things about Sailor Moon was the fashion. Hey don’t judge me it was the 90’s! I used to daydream of cute sailor outfits, pleated skirts, giant bows and pigtails. So to all the fans that showed up dressed in their cutest sailor scout uniforms and pleated skirts, thank you for making a girl squeal with happiness!

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(Artist: Lisa Penney)

(Artist: Naoshi)

(Artist: Crowded Teeth)

(Artist: Magen Mitchell)

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